First and foremost, we are roof cleaners. Our team of professionals have personally worked on several thousand roofs and counting in the Metro Vancouver region. When it is time for your roof to be cleaned, you want someone with experience and someone who knows exactly what they are doing rather than a general handyman. We have spent countless hours on rooftops and understand what it takes to properly clean a roof, how not to damage them in the process, and how to do it safely as well. Cleaning a roof may sound simple enough, however it requires people who know exactly what they are doing with experience, knowledge, and care.

Many companies will suggest you pressure wash. Don't! Using a pressure washer, even at low pressure, can and will dislodge granules on your asphalt shingle roofs causing premature deterioration of your roof's surface and exposing the tar surface below. As a result, pressure washing can cause more damage than the moss that is being removed can. On concrete tile and terracotta roofs, inexperienced operators can easily force water under the tiles and even crack them with high water pressure and even a slight lack of attention. While pressure washing can be done on cedar roofs, we do not provide this option because it can also damage the shakes if they are older, beginning to curl, and in rough shape. Even then, we recommend pressure washing only in conjunction with a soft wash treatment first to kill any and all moss & algae spores before to avoid spreading them around further. Care and experience are a must! We simply only perform nylon-brush removal and soft washing on cedar roofs to prevent possible damage. Never let someone on your roof, especially with a pressure washer, without feeling confident that they know how to properly clean and protect your largest investment. Roof cleaning is one of those times that your choices should not be made on who will do it the cheapest!


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Our team provides service to residential, strata and co-ops, as well as commercial clients.

For our clients, we also provide a one-stop service to take care of your exterior needs to give you the peace of mind knowing that your trusted roof cleaning company will also take care of:

  • Exterior siding wash to remove algae, dirt, and grime buildup.

  • Exterior window washing, using pure water de-ionizing systems to provide a spot-free finish.

  • Exterior gutter cleaning to take care of those ugly stains.

  • Driveway, pavers, and patio treating to restore that fresh new look.

  • Gutter cleaning service to keep clients gutters clean and flowing all year round.

  • Vinyl deck cleaning.

  • Wood fence treatment and cleaning.

  • Skylight cleaning - $20 per skylight.

Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP)

If you want to keep your home looking fantastic each and every year without all the hassles, ask us about our AMP program and leave it to us to keep your home looking pristine. We warranty our roof cleaning for 2 years, but it is a good idea to apply a re-spray every 2-3 years to avoid re-growth and the need to do brush removal again. This makes re-application cheaper for you, adding years to the life of your roof, and keeps it looking great too!

It does not stop there; unlike roofs, gutter cleaning, siding cleaning, and window washing tend to be annual jobs and oftentimes, semi-annual. However, you do not have to spend your weekends doing it. After your initial roof cleaning, we can create an AMP program that fits your needs; we schedule everything and when it is time for your next service, we will give you a call or send an email the week before just to give you a reminder that we are coming, then we handle the rest.

The AMP service is offered to all of our roof clients as a way to continue to maintain your home with the same trusted service that you already expect. Now you never have to worry about who to call and wonder if the job will be done right. Ask us for details!