What To Expect With Our Process

When having your roof cleaned, there are a few simple things we ask to help make sure we do your job as efficiently and pleasantly as possible:

  • Make sure outside water taps are on.

  • Make sure all windows are closed.

  • If possible, move any furniture and outdoor fabrics away from the gutter line (we will go around before we spray to make sure that they are) and if applicable, please remove any sheets, clothing, etc. from the clothesline and bring them inside.

  • Whenever possible, be neighbourly and inform your direct neighbours on both sides of your home about what is being done so they are not surprised. We do a full-cleanup after every job, and with many houses being so close together it is possible that some debris will land in their yard. If anything does land on your neighbour's side, we will always clean that up too.

  • Do not worry if you are not home or cannot be home when the work is scheduled; we handle everything from start to finish. If you are home and are curious about the process or how your roof looks, feel free to ask us about anything. We enjoy what we do and are always happy to share with our clients.

  • If your downspouts are connected to rain barrels, please try to inform us so that we can adequately prepare to bring flexible diversion tubing if the downspouts cannot be easily removed or diverted. We try to carry these with us most days, however sometimes we do not and it is helpful to know beforehand, whenever possible.

  • NOTE: Sometimes you may see some residue on windows & gutters after we have finished. There are soaps in our spray that can cause this and while we do our best to limit this, in some cases you may see drips on gutters or soap spots on windows near the roof line due to overspray on breezy days that we may miss.

Thank you for your help!

We perform a full moss removal, doing a gentle brush removal on the moss which removes 90-95 percent of what is up there with the brushing alone. We then follow that with clearing all the newly-loosened debris off of the roof, leaving only the small root hairs that have anchored themselves within your tiles or shingles. This is a good thing! Many companies will try and scrub out every little piece, but the reality is that being too aggressive with hard brushing or pressure washing often does more damage than the moss itself. We always perform a gentle, targeted removal of moss and lichens. We follow this process up with a full gutter cleaning, which is included in all of our quotes unless we have made other prior arrangements with you and you do not require this service.

The next step is to do all of the cleanup on the ground, patio, and plants (Moss removal is a dirty job, so do not be surprised! We always do a full cleanup). When it is time to treat your roof, we pre-soak all of the plants and decking around the house with water before starting the treatment. This allows the plants and decking to soak up the fresh water and ensure they are wet so that while applying the treatment, any minor overspray can be neutralized by water on contact. Once everything has been pre-soaked we begin the spray on the roof. To take extra care for our clients, we have one person on the ground following the operator on the roof, rinsing directly below to make sure that there is no leftover residue on your plants. Once completed, we pack up and do one final rinse around your home, just for our client's peace of mind.

After the treatment, you will see small moss root systems (hairs) that were not removed by the light brush removal. These root hairs will soak up all of our treatment like a sponge, and in a matter of 5-10 minutes you will see those roots swell and turn a whitish colour as they pull all of the solution directly to the penetrating roots within your roof. This is exactly what you want to see, so do not be alarmed. In most cases, the swelling is very minimal and the treatment works by burning out the root system, killing everything you can see and even what you cannot. Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks, you will notice these pieces less and less as they continue to shrink and dust away, leaving nothing on your roof and nothing to clog your gutters or downspouts. Any rains during that period will only speed the process up. Being that we live in the unique climate of Vancouver, there is not usually much of a wait for rain!

All of our work is backed by a 2 year warranty. If you see any moss returning before then, we will always come back and spot-treat any affected areas at no additional cost to you. It is a good idea to maintain your roof after having it cleaned. Having a treatment sprayed every 2-3 years ensures your roof stays moss-free and looking like new. It also saves you money by protecting your investment longer, as well as on the cost of having it cleaned again. A simple retreat in the future will cost you less than your original cleaning as there is no heavy moss removal, just a quick spray to kill any new growth and you are set for another couple years. If you are interested in a maintenance plan, visit our SERVICES page and have a look at our AMP program to save yourself the hassle of the dreaded spring cleaning.