Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP)

We all know maintenance is a chore, one that should be an annual one. Many of us have a tendency to leave it until it is less of a maintenance issue and more of a repair. For a lot of homeowners, it is not necessarily negligence but more about simply not knowing what needs to be done and how often. They are really only reminded about some of these tasks once they are prompted by a pricey repair bill. Other reasons people take notice to maintenance tend to concentrate before a sale to increase curb appeal or when moss growth and algae staining on the roof and walls becomes a daily, glaring reminder that things need to be cleaned. That is where our AMP program comes in.

There are plenty of exterior home maintenance jobs that the average homeowner can do on their own, if they choose to. However, some home maintenance jobs, such as roof cleaning, might require a professional that specializes in that specific type of work and is equipped to minimize the risks and perform the work safely, as well as efficiently. Below is a quick list of some of the average exterior home maintenance jobs (which we can provide) that might be considered by the average homeowner to seek professional help or advice, whether they hire someone or perform the work on their own.

* Roof Cleaning - if your home's roof has grown a fairly noticeable amount of moss or has algae staining, then it is time to think about a roof cleaning. The idea is to get a full roof cleaning the first time (warrantied for 2 years) and then continue the maintenance with a routine, treat-only spray every 2-3 years in order to keep your roof moss-free and limit the amount of physical work being done on your roof. This will help make your roof last longer, look great, and save you money. If all you have is mainly an algae problem, then the manual removal portion can be skipped and a treat-only package can be provided. This will restore your roof's original colour and eradicate all the algae growth inhabiting your roof's surface. When should you consider cleaning your roof? Any time that there is no snow or ice on your roof, a cleaning is possible (February to November is the main, workable season). With that being said, the Metro Vancouver climate does include periods of heavy rains which make the work ineffective and therefore must be scheduled around.

* Gutter Cleaning - This service and its requirement greatly varies depending on how much tree growth is around your home and how close overhanging branches are. The average home that is not heavily covered by trees can easily get by with a gutter cleaning only once or twice a year, but definitely should be done every year. Whereas other homes that have many trees in close proximity to the roof with overhanging branches can often require 3-4 gutter cleanings per year in order to keep up with the debris and keep the gutters draining properly. On homes that fall into this category, often it becomes worth looking into gutter guards or at the very least, some form of gutter downspout strainer. The best time for this service is in the spring and fall, a time when there is a lot of rainfall which could cause damage if they are not cleared in time.

* Siding Cleaning - This service is not something that is generally required each and every year, but should be planned on a 2 (3 if your home is relatively exposed; away from extensive greenery and receiving sunlight most of the time) year schedule. North-facing sides or heavily shaded areas may require a cleaning sooner due to a lack of sunlight and other unfavourable conditions. Spring and summer are great times for a siding cleaning so that you can enjoy summer barbecues looking at a beautiful home instead of ugly algae and dirt stains on the walls.

* Window Washing - It is good to have window washing done twice a year (generally spring and fall) and will usually be accompanied by a visual inspection of all accessible windows for things like seal cracks, gaps, and defects. The typical hand wash and squeegee is not always the best or required method as a deionizing pure water system and telescopic poles often produce fantastic results and a spot-free finish without the need to squeegee.

* Vinyl Deck Cleaning - There is no distinct time period for how often this needs to be done as it is truly dependant on the exposure of sunlight your deck receives, the amount of traffic on it, etc. Whenever you start to see those dirt stains ingrained onto the surface or algae stains that you cannot simply hose off. You can always ask your service provider to have a look and make a recommendation during other services. Spring and summer are also a great time of year for this so that you can enjoy a nice clean deck for family fun all summer long.

* Miscellaneous Exterior Cleaning - Pathways, staircases, stone features, and driveways often end up being an annual maintenance project if you want to keep fine moss and algae growth at bay. Unlike your roof, the grounds around your home are constantly attacked by new spores from sources like rainwater, flower beds, fall leaf debris, trees, and vehicles constantly being exposed to sources of moss spores and bringing them home. Again, due to Vancouver & the Lower Mainland's climate, it is not unusual for a significant amount of rain and moisture to be present on the ground rather frequently at any time of year.

We are a roof cleaning company and that definitely remains our specialty, but to thank our clients for their patronage we will offer our AMP program on an ongoing basis to better serve your needs and give you peace of mind knowing that you can get the same quality service that you received on your roof and gutters for the rest of your exterior cleaning demands. We can discuss with you to determine what your home needs and what you would like. Then, we can tailor an annual plan just for you at a discounted rate for bundling services. We make up a schedule, keep one on file, and as each service comes up we will give you a reminder approximately a week before. Then, we handle the rest.