Home Insurance & The Need For A Roof Cleaning

Over the past few years we have begun to see more and more clients contract us, not just because they want a clean roof, but also because they are forced to by their homeowner's insurance. We are seeing more frequently that insurance companies are requiring homeowners to have their roof cleaned before they are able to renew their insurance.

This is somewhere we can help! We have done a lot of these cleanings and know how to work with you to make sure that your insurance company is happy and that your insurance stays intact. All of our processes follow warranty-approved methods set out by roofing manufacturers. We also provide before and after photos (and video, if required), as well as a written report of the overall condition and roof life (also if required).

We make it as easy as possible for you to maintain your roof, as well as keep an eye on that one area of your home that isn't so easy for the average homeowner to manage. Trust your roof with the experts, with over 1000 roofs personally done and counting, you would be hard-pressed to find another with the amount of roof cleaning experience that we have!